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London Hotel Ratings

London Hotels offers a wide variety of choice ranging from budget to Luxury and business to boutique. In England Hotel accommodation is generally rated by one of two independant toursim assessment services, namely the AA and VisitEngland. Both schemes offer Hotels the chance to be rated on a star system from 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest achievement. VisitEngland further breaks this down into sub-categories for a Breakfast award and then Silver and Gold positions.

The system involves a minimum annual inspection by an official inspector from the rating department. Sometimes these inspections are done covertly to stop Hoteliers manipulating the results to an unfair advantage.

In addition to these standard ratings there is an increasing trend towards guest feedback ratings playing an even greater role in the success of a Hotel. Customers tend to be the toughest critics and potential customers value previous guests opinions very much.

Here we have provided the criteria used by both the AA and VisitEngland for their Hotel rating system.