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London & Hotel Social Responsibility Policy

London and is a company which believes in the principal of social responsibility, ie that everyone and every organisation has an obligation to benefit society at large.

This is an easy thing to say but too often it is not implemented, that is why London & Hotel has committed 15% of all net profits each year to go to good causes.

When you book a hotel room through our website you can be sure our partners at LateRooms will give you the very best price for your hotel, and we hope you will also feel happy knowing that you have contributed to a good cause at the same time. This commitment is the sole decision of London & Hotel, in effect we make a personal donation from our net profit for every room booking which comes from our site.

We are so confident that we offer the very best London Hotel rates that we would encourage any customers to compare our prices to any competitors.

So you can be confident you get the best Hotel deal at the very best price and help a really worthwhile cause at the same time.

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