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London &, and HotelsCombined have over 1700 Hotels in London. Whether you are travelling for a 1 night business stay or a short weekend break, you will definitely find something to suit your needs. From 4 & 5 Star Hotels and Luxury Hotels to Cheap London Hotels in England, LateRooms features a wide range of accommodation in London. When choosing a place to stay it is worth bearing in mind that London is an expensive city, so expect to pay slightly more than other cities within the UK. There are, however, lots of special hotel deals available. LateRooms also lists hotels in London with disabled access.

On the whole, rooms in London do tend to be on the small side in comparison with the rest of the UK, simply because there is so much demand for accommodation rooms in the city, and space is very limited. Why not use our interactive London map to search for your ideal location?

For those wishing to stay in central London, it is worth noting that weekends tend to be cheaper than midweek stays because the business travellers go home. If you are travelling with friends or as a family, then our range of apartments are worth considering. London also has an extensive range of B&Bs and small properties in and close to the centre, which are ideal if you are travelling on a budget. It's also worth considering staying in the suburbs or Docklands area, as transport links to the centre are especially good with the Tube. It is useful to note that if you book a single room in the UK, and especially in London, you will more than likely be given a single bed; doubles are not always given as standard. Whatever your requirements may be you can rest assured that London & Hotel with LateRooms will find you the very best London Hotel deal.

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